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A leading entertainment resource focusing on world music, jazz, and theater and inspired by the cultures of Diaspora Jewry and Israel


Music from Bukhara

An ensemble of three generations of virtuosos perform together on stage and create a happy feast of colors and music, where rhythms are dominant.


"Her voice is young, sometimes teasing (“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”) and warm. It’s a bit like a younger Nora Jones. Most of the tunes here are from the jazz canon, with familiar melodies, but her delivery shows promise that takes her beyond just another girl singer" - Kyle O'Brien, Jazz Society of Oregon


“…Noiberg is an extremely gifted flutist who manages to bring out the deep colors and soul of her flute. With it she presents music that is nevertheless jazzy, and yet still reminiscing of Israeli music, of home.” - Lilit Vagner Yediot Aharonot


Their live shows are full of Mediterranean flavor with captivating guitar leads, dance rhythms and strong percussion breaks. The 2012 New York Post quotes Soulfarm as “versatile, utilizing improvisation and world music.”


" Pharaoh's Daughter deploy a rich range of musical colours (...) Basya Schechter's vocals range from wordless nigun to Biblical, Ladino and Kabbalistic texts...". -David Honigmann


Inhale Exhale

“From the music of incomprehensible languages, Gwirtzman breathes the universally understood melody of humanity…” – PBS, Alabama


A Rainbow of Fragility

Mira travels the world with her concert "Arabic Fusion", which showcases her variety of sounds and vocal abilities. Mira juggles between languages, styles and instruments like the musical acrobat she is.

Shye Ben Tzur

& The Rajasthan Gypsies

Israeli composer, producer and performer who has been living and creating music in India and Israel for over a decade.

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

Radical Yiddish Punk-Folk Cabaret

"...The band has been called “The Yiddish Pogues,” and Kahn was once described as “someone between Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits – but yiddish.”