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2015 Artist Roster

Joshua Nelson

The Prince of Kosher Gospel – Dynamic, charismatic spiritual song-interpreter Joshua Nelson combines African American musical tradition with Jewish religious and cultural themes. Touring year-round.


Noa (Achinoam Nini)

Iconic Israeli singer-songwriter, peace activist, international star. Touring June 2015.


Yemen Blues

“Riduculously charismatic”  singer Ravid Kahalani leads an “insanely talented”ensemble of  jazz, rock, world music virtuosos through a dreamlike celebration of his Yemenite roots. Touring year-round.


VOICE Theatre – “Birds On a Wire”

Award winning play set in Texas during the years of the Dust Belt – Southwest US Tour – Fall 2016.


Pharaoh’s Daughter

Beloved NY band blends Middle Eastern and mystical grooves with contemporary rock/jazz vitality. Touring year-round.


National Yiddish Theatre

Folksbiene & KulturfestNYC – In its milestone centennial season NYT-F presents an unprecedented Festival of Jewish performing arts in New York, June 14-21, 2015.



Sephardic tradition going back hundreds of years is channeled through this energetic 21st century band to create a new and exciting sound that gives new life to ancient Ladino texts. Baladino tours with educational programs, residencies and concerts throughout America’s heartland. Touring April 2015, September-November 2015, March 2016.


Tararam – Jerusalem Syndrum

Music dance and rhythm capture the vitality of Israel’s ethnic and cultural diversity.


Yael Deckelbaum

Israeli-Canadian pop star, and founding member of the super diva trio. Touring March 2015 and Fall 2015.


Daniel Kahn & Painted Bird

Radical Berlin based Troubador, Yiddish balladier. Touring year-round.


Vanessa Hidary – The Hebrew Mamita

With Spoken Word presentations that flow like music, Vanessa Hidary is an elegant, passionate spokesperson for the urban Jewish woman. Touring year-round.


Tal y Tali

A jazz duo mentored by Grammy winning producer Javier Limon,  recorder virtuoso Tali Rubinstein joined brilliant pianist Tal Even-tzur when they were at the Berkelee College of Music to create an intoxicating musical collaboration. Touring year-round.


Roni & Gon

Beautiful young interpreters of the Great Israeli Songbook – perform the songs of Sasha Argov and other great  songwriters with brilliant musicianship and a sense of artistic purity. Touring year-round.


Mika Karni & Kol Dodi

Israeli pop star Mika Karni brings her beautiful spirit, exquisite voice and musical creativity together in a collaboration with King Solomon’s biblical poetry and his Song of Songs, with a mezmerising performance. Touring April-May 2015.


Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble

Los Angeles based dance ensemble  colorfully and vividly evoke bright and lively images of Israel. January 2016 Florida tour.


Soul to Soul

African American and Yiddish Music share a common journey and deep historical and cultural links. This concert is a riveting, rousing  and inspiring

experience. Touring year-round.


Zalmen Mlotek’s Magical World of Yiddish Song

Pianist, singer, musical director Zalmen Mlotek is an eloquent bridge from the rich tradition of Yiddish song to the eager audiences of today as he performs his Magical World of Yiddish Song. Touring year-round.


Amir Gwirtzman – Inhale/Exhale

From bagpipes to alto sax to klezmer clarinet to  every conceivable wind instrument, Amir Gwirtzman’s Inhale/Exhale concert makes a big and exuberant sound which “takes your breath away”. Touring year-round.


Shulamit – A Voice for Life

The beautiful voice of Israeli-Italian singer Shulamit supported musically by trumpet virtuoso Frank London and pianist Shai Bachar is the eloquent channel through which poets and composers who created their work in the Nazi concentration camps come to life. Touring year-round.