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Amir Gwirtzman

Amir Gwirtzman

“Gwirtzman breathes the universally understood melody of humanity”

-PBS Alabama

“A one man multi-cultural Big-Band.”

-Yossi Hersonski


Amir Gwirtzman is a musician hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel known for his mastery of reed and woodwind instruments from around the globe. He was a member of the Israeli band Esta for more than 20 years, touring internationally and performing on notable stages including New York City’s Blue Note, Los Angeles’ House of Blues, Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center, and WOMAD (World Music Festival) in Italy. Esta performed at the White House for President Bill Clinton in honor of Israel’s 50th Anniversary.

Amir’s unique sound has been influenced by a career that has taken him from Israel to the United States, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  He draws inspiration from the rich rhythms of Cuban jazz, earthy R&B melodies of Ray Charles, soaring jazz riffs of Chick Corea and Wayne Shorter, energetic melodies of Jewish Klezmer, and cheerful yet melancholy harmonies of Irish Celtic music. He also is inspired by sounds of the Middle East, Gypsy communities, Armenia, Native American cultures, and New Orleans. Through expert looping, Amir constructs an ensemble sound for most of his songs, instantly recording one instrumental part atop another until the music crescendos into a propulsive blend of rhythm, melody and harmony. Layering the sounds of wind instruments from around the world on top of each other, world-renowned musician Amir Gwirtzman exhibits remarkable talent, creativity, and stamina.






“It’s the first time I heard Amir, an incredibly versatile, polished, skilled and refined, musician like no other… His natural and effortless flow from one style to another presented the skills of a musical master, and left me with sort of a feeling that all the woodwinds musicians I have met so far, are left a bit behind (accept my apologies).”

-Yuval Erel, music critic, Megaphone

“I heard Gwirtzman, who stands as a charming anomaly in Jazz: A one-man-band who brought onto the stage a trove of instruments. By recording solo passages live, looping that music into sound samples and then improvising and recording new themes on top of that, Gwirtzman created the sonic effect of multiple musicians working in tandem … A creative artist and interesting raconteur/philosopher … His innate musicality is more than enough to engage an audience”.

-Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune