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Bat Ella – Israeli Soul Singer

Bat Ella – Israeli Soul Singer

“Bat Ella is an incredible artist who bridges the gap between Israel and America, between young and old, between classic Israeli song and contemporary Jewish music; a true “sweet singer of Israel”. We laughed, we reminisced, we sang, we danced – it was a perfect evening celebrating 70 Years of Israeli Song, and a perfect addition to our year of programming celebrating our congregation’s 70th anniversary year.” – Hazzan Ben Tisser, North Suburban Synagogue Beth El, Chicago, after 11/4/17 performance 

A sabra who is very proud of her Jewish heritage and believes that Judaism is a “treasure” that belongs equally to all Jews.  She presents pluralistic, egalitarian and Israeli Judaism. In her concerts, Bat ella sings songs of prayer and liturgy from the Jewish sources and from the new Hebrew poetry in melodies and arrangements that express the rich musical tapestry of the Israeli  melting pot.

Bat ella is a graduate of the IDF Performing Art Troupe “L’hakat pikud Darom”, grew up in Dimona to parents of Aleppo and Persian origins . She Performed on the most significant stages in Israel including Zappa and Caesarea and in the Jewish communities abroad.

Bat ella’s concerts of “Israeli soul music” are energetic and inspiring, full of elation, joy and “Kiruv Levavot“. She performs in 3 formats: with a full 8 person band, in acoustic style with fewer musicians and in a solo experiential style that invites audience participation.

Bat ella has to her credit two solo albums: “T’filati” ( 2010) and “L’chi Lach”(2015) – a musical production devoted to the renowned American singer-songwriter Debbie Friedman. At this time, Bat ella is working on her third album.

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Bat ella’s songs, reach out to all sectors of the People of Israel – secular, traditional, religious in hopes of strengthening the sense of belonging and pride to the Jewish Heritage with the belief that Judaism belongs to all of us without exception and with the understanding that there is more than one way to be a Jew.

The powerful lyrics of the songs, the catchy melodies, the rich arrangements and instrumentations which express the diverse musical texture of the Israeli melting pot, together with the moving performance by Bat ella, creates a spiritual uplifting musical experience that touches the heart and soul and provides comfort and inspiration to the listener. An experience of “Israeli soul music”.



More about “L’chi Lach”

“Bat Ella gives us another voice to sing, pray, celebrate, mourn, and rejoice!”

- Rabbi Naamah Kelman-Ezrachi, Dean of the Hebrew Union College of Jerusalem

Bat Ella first met Debbie Friedman during a Havdalah ceremony led by the late star at Camp Olin Sang Ruby in Wisconsin. Friedman’s incredible charisma and and the energy of her spiritually uplifting songs caused the walls to tremble. She had the enormous fortune to not only appear with Friedman on tour in the United States and Europe, but to know her personally as a friend. Friedman’s beautiful singing and simple, but captivating melodies revolutionized the world of Jewish music, making Jewish prayer and scripture accessible to many in a new way. Bat Ella deeply admired Friedman’s ability to make Jewish song a meaningful and powerful communal experience, and the way she bonded with her audience, chatting and joking between songs. With the album “L’chi Lach,” Bat Ella has realized a longtime dream of singing Friedman’s songs in Hebrew to share their beauty with Israeli audiences. This heartfelt tribute to Debbie Friedman is a new and exciting way, too, for North American Jews, who have recited prayers to her melodies in many congregations for many years, to experience her music.

Videos of Bat Ella Performing