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Hadar Noiberg Trio


Hadar Noiberg Trio

“Not one foot stayed still while the Hadar Noiberg trio grooved tightly, creating a great synthesis between world music and jazz.”

Christian Kretz, Vice President of Bruchsal Jazz Club in Germany


The New York based trio, led by ASCAP Award winning flutist and composer Hadar Noiberg, has had tremendous success at various festivals and performances globally. Hadar fuses styles seamlessly between jazz and world music, and is distinguishing herself as both innovative and highly skilled in the jazz and world music scenes nationally and internationally.

Hadar’s ensemble is a “Power Trio” – tight and full of groove and passion. The daring and unique instrumentation flute, double bass and drums allows sliding in and out of Jazz improvisation and Western harmonies with Middle Eastern and North African semitones. Bassist Haggai Cohen Milo and drummer Allison Miller form the trio with Hadar.

Being a jazz musician with a vast Classical background and experience in playing Cuban, Brazilian and Middle Eastern styles, Hadar brings all that to the table while also using effects and loops, both in her compositions and improvisations, creating her own distinctive voice.

Hadar has been a featured performer with acclaimed artists such as Yemen Blues, Dave Valentin, Anat Cohen, Omer Avital, Coco Mama, Alvester Garnett, Joel Frahm, Junior Rivera, Louis Kahn, Rufus Reid and many more.

In 2010 Hadar released her first album as bandleader, “Journey Back Home.” In the intervening years the Hadar Noiberg Trio has extensively toured internationally, and has been featured in major festivals and venues in Europe, the United States, Canada, Taiwan and Israel such as: Blue Note, WOMEX, Discover Jazz Festival, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Babel Med Music, Roskilde Festival, “A” Trane, and Central Park SummerStage, to name a few.

Hadar’s trio was featured last April at Europe’s biggest jazz showcase event, JazzAhead, which takes place in Bremen, Germany. A reviewer from Das Neue Musikzietung Magaz wrote:

“The ‘magical flutist’ Hadar Noiberg and her trio captivated the audience … She formed her own original style through distinctive rhythms and melodies.”

Work on Hadar’s second album, “From the Ground Up,” has been completed, and it will be released September 2015 under US/European label Dot Time Records. The music is innovative and energetic – blending simple folky melodies with intense development, soloing and communication. With special guests clarinetist Anat Cohen and guitarist Yotam Silberstein, “From the Ground Up” is filled with passion, daring and musical virtuosity.

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“The flute in Western improvised music has always been an instrument that was either used by doublers or was not considered a serious main instrument. In the Eastern and Middle Eastern musical traditions the flute, the Middle Eastern ney or the Indian bansuri are main influential instruments that hold the deep soul of the music. I want to bring that depth and richness into my music which is highly influenced by both West and East, featuring the flute as a strong leading instrument.”

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“The Hadar Noiberg Trio has an unconventional balance between jazz and world music. Their music is very catchy and grooving, yet never looses its complexity.

“Hadar weaves in and out of world music, jazz, avant-garde, and classical idioms. … [She] knows how to evoke moods and emotions through music.”
-Inside World Music

“Noiberg is an extremely gifted flutist who manages to bring out the deep colors and soul of her flute. With it she presents music that is nevertheless jazzy, and yet still reminiscing of Israeli music, of home.”
-Yediot Aharonot




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