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Israel Story

Israel Story

“The ‘This American Life’ of Israel”

– Ira Glass, Host and Executive Producer of “This American Life”


“Going to see ‘Israel Story’ isn’t like visiting Israel. It’s better than that!”

– Robert Krulwich, Co-host of “Radiolab”


Israel Story began as a small podcast, meant for family and friends. What followed exceeded the crew’s wildest dreams: Within a few months, the show was picked up by Galey Tzahal, Israel’s leading national radio station, and was offered a primetime slot. Each of Israel Story’s first season’s eleven episodes reached an estimated audience of hundreds of thousands of listeners. The response was overwhelming, and so Israel Story kept making stories in Hebrew, and also expanded into English!

Israelis, we all know, are a nation of storytellers. So in many ways Israel Story’s task was an easy one – to shine a spotlight on the little (and big!) dramas that comprise Israeli life. Israel Story’s primary goal is to tell the story of a different, diverse Israel: To amplify voices that are rarely heard on the mainstream media, to showcase and celebrate the plurality of local communities and traditions. By bringing you multi-faceted narratives on thought-provoking themes, Israel Story aims to become a refreshing alternative. Israel Story doesn’t want to talk about Bibi, Lapid or Bennett. Everyone is tired of hearing about the threat of the Iranian bomb or the Security Council resolutions. Instead, Israel Story hopes to present a cross-section of ‘Israeliness,’ entering communities that are typically sidelined and silenced, and to tell stories that are not aired anywhere else: These are the stories you’d tell a friend over a plate of hummus on a Friday afternoon, the stories you’d share with your partner at the end of the day – Everyday stories, told by, and about, regular Israelis.


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“The Wall” – A Look At The Barriers That Separate Us, And Those That Bring Us Together – Touring Now

Everywhere we turn these days it seems “the wall” is staring back at us. Its power is magical – it both protects and alienates; keeps people in and out; and can – we have all seen – even bring mighty governments to a standstill. Israel, too, has its share of walls. There’s the West Bank Barrier, of course, the Wailing Wall, and basically everything in between. In their newest live show, Israel Story – the country’s leading podcast – interact with different walls and have surprisingly poetic tales to tell about their encounters. With their usual mix of unusually splendid storytelling, marvelous live music and stunning visuals, join the Israel Story team for an evening that will redefine your thoughts about the good ol’ “W-word.”  

In “The Wall,” Israel Story delves into stories about a soccer match, a miraculous birth at the Kotel during the Six Day War, a Palestinian village applying for UNESCO status, and an opera that was almost written about an ancient wall in Israel. 

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“If That NPR Guy Moved to Israel and Knew Hebrew…”

– The New York Times


“Israel Story transcends the political headlines to bring listeners on a journey of humankind – stories of love, laughter, culture, and family.”

– Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX


“[Israel Story’s Mishy Harman is] a master storyteller and communicator”

– The Tower


Israel Story Live


Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 2.25.40 PM“People were transported to Israel through the sights and sounds of incredible live storytelling.”

– Megan Whitman, Director of the Lambert Center for Arts + Ideas, JCC Manhattan


Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 2.27.57 PM“A nuanced, intricate and thoroughly entertaining look at what it means to live in Israel.”

– Jeremy Ben-Ami, President of J Street


Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 2.32.14 PM“Dynamic, engaging and thought provoking. The audience was transported across the world to better understand the challenges and opportunities of living in Israel.”

– Alison Terkel, Senior Associate at ACCESS Global, AJC