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Noa – Letters to Bach

Noa – Letters to Bach

“A successful and beautiful homage to Johann Sebastian Bach.”
-Pizzicato, Luxembourg


Noa’s new musical project is entitled “Letters to Bach,” executively produced by Quincy Jones.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 3.22.38 PMIt is comprised of 12 pieces of instrumental music written by Johann Sebastian Bach for which Noa has written English and Hebrew lyrics, inspired by subjects as diverse as technology and religion, global warming and feminism, euthanasia, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and relationships in the age of social media.  The arrangements for guitar were done by Noa’s long-standing musical collaborator Gil Dor, guitarist, composer, arranger and educator. The duo’s performances are surprising and brilliant, with Noa’s voice both soaring majestically and skipping playfully between the notes, intertwining perfectly with Gil’s guitar, illuminating Bach’s brilliant polyphony.

Noa and Gil bring to the stage a selection of their diverse and inspiring original repertoire, in English, Hebrew and Yemenite, accented by Noa’s exciting percussion playing. The project “Letters to Bach” is highlighted in the heart of the concert.

In this concert, Noa and Gil strive to break the binding walls of language, religion, genre, generation, and stigma to build a bridge of musical excellence, respect and joy, a place of curiosity, courage and hope….all under the auspices of the great super-connector, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Read more about the project in this interview with Noa in the Jerusalem Post.

Read more about Noa on our site.








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“[Letters to Bach] shows how deep and wide her musical world is. The fact that Nini decided … to compose words set to Bach’s music attests to her very special and deep connection with the composer’s sounds and the creativity that continues to guide her.”
-Yos Music, Israel


“A breathtaking album … Nini, in her literal interpretations of the melodies with her own original lyrics completely blurs the border between classical and jazz, and brings in touches of modern spoken word and hip-hop.”
-Habama, Israel


“Her flawless rendering of the lyrics while navigating the intricate, timeless baroque scoring was brilliant testimony to the diva’s talent and professionalism.”
-Ynet News, Israel


“NOA is thrilling!  Fans celebrate NOA for her musical diversity and her honesty, her love for life and humanity. She fuses the seriousness of world music with the rhythmic fluidity of modern pop, soul, swing and oriental vibes … she seems borderless. NOA pays homage to the composer J.S.Bach, presenting almost unsingable complex works with unique arrangements and her own original lyrics. The audience devours the concert, and the performers, with their soul.”, Germany


“Without missing one single note Noa manages to transform Bach into touching Folksongs. Noa convinces with heart and courage, a naked, unartificial voice and artistry without vanity.“
-RMZ, Germany


“Considering the complexity and the speed of the melodies it is hard to believe that the voice of the artist in the live concert sounded exactly as on the recording. The concert seemed to suggest That Bach himself composed for Noa and her voice to begin with.“
-Unter’m Radar, Germany


“First-rate vocal virtuosity.”
-Haaretz, Israel


“Noa, above all, projects authenticity on and off stage, exhibiting ideas, feelings and reflections with sincerity – and she does so with a prodigious voice, among the most beautiful, crystalline and supple on the international scene, with an innate musicality that is extraordinary.”
-La Repubblica, Italy