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Noam Vazana releases her first Ladino single to celebrate Rosh Ha’ Shana

Israeli Singer-Songwriter, “Nani” Noam Vazana releases the first LADINO SINGLE Cuando El Rey Nimrod, from her new album: Andalusian Brew. Just in time for Rosh Ha’ Shana – with a captivating music video in Jerusalem’s authentic & colorful Arab market.

Nani’s family migrated to Israel from Morocco and Portugal in the 1950’s. Embracing the new Israeli Jewish identity, Nani’s father forbade speaking Ladino at home and the family was compelled to speak exclusively in Hebrew. But Nani’s grandmother never learned Hebrew, fluent only in the ancient Spanish-Jewish dialect, or the “Spanish Yiddish”. Nani learned Ladino in the kitchen, while cooking with her grandmother, singing old traditional songs. It was their only way to connect on the emotional level.
The years passed, the grandmother died and Nani forgot about the old songs. Then after performing in the Tangier Jazz festival in Morocco, she visited Fez, her grandmother’s home town. Walking down the narrow streets of the Medina, she heard people sing a song her grandmother used to sing to her as a child. Nani felt she arrived at an inner root and that led her to record an album of traditional Ladino songs: Andalusian Brew.
Cuando El Rey Nimrod is the 1st single of the new album. It tells the story of Abraham, interestingly enough drawing comparisons to the Jesus story, with the 3 wise men and a light shining on a house in Jewish quarter. The innovative musical arrangement revives the ancient language and makes it relevant to modern audiences today, featuring the beauty and warmth of Nani’s vocals with energetic guitar, Darbuka and Tar. A brew of Middle Eastern music, North African beats & Pop.
The song is enhanced by an enchanting music video filmed in the old Arabic market in ancient Jerusalem, with spontaneous dance breakouts with merchants on the street and authentic encounters with real people.



“BrillianNani_Sephardic_award_IJMF2017t, outstanding and phenomenally talented singer-songwriter” -Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

Nani’s hypnotizing vocals breathe new life into jazz & world music, bringing together Middle Eastern musical blends, North African beats & own composed Jazz songs. Nani is now releasing her debut album, “Andalusian Brew”, distributed by Xango Music. In 2017, Nani won the Sephardic music award and is often compared to the most powerful women in music, including Liz Wright and Mercedes Sosa. Some of her accolades include but not limited to being featured on the most prestigious jazz and world music festivals, such as Jazzahead DE, North Sea Jazz NL, TEDx NL, Roccella Jazz ITTanjazz MA, Caux Intl. peace conference CH, Music Meeting NL & more. 

Nani is Noam Vazana. Noam’s grandmother spoke Ladino, an ancient language, preserved by only 150 families worldwide. Forbidden by her father to speak Ladino, the only means for Noam to communicate with her grandmother was through singing. After performing in Tanjazz festival, Morocco, Noam took the opportunity to visit Fez, her grandmother’s home town. During a walk down the narrow streets of the old town she heard a familiar tune being sung nearby. Following the sound she arrived at a square where hundreds of people were singing a song her grandmother used to sing to her as a child. Noam felt she arrived at an inner root that was waiting to be discovered and started a year long research to find out more about Ladino music. Performing as Nani, “Andalusian Brew” is the fruit of that artistic research. The innovative arrangements present a scented brew of Middle Eastern music, North African beats & Jazz and the result is a gorgeous, fascinating new sound.


In 2019 Noam was presented the SENA Music Production Award to make the first album of entirely original Ladino music. Entitled KE HABER, the new record will be out soon.



“Nani’s virtuoso musicianship is remarkable but even more, her ability to put a spell on the audience” – Roccella Jonica Jazz, Italy



“Noam Vazana is one of the few artists to whom the term ‘exceptional talent’ actually applies” – Nürnberger Nachrichten, Germany



“A must see show” – Volkskrant, Netherlands



“Vazana sings so purely… Her sober and powerful interpretations of the old Sephardic songs are moving… The tasteful arrangements evoke the atmosphere of Andalusia” – Jazzism, Netherlands