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Noam Vazana

Noam Vazana

APAP NYC+ 2021 Showcase – Ladino



APAP NYC+ 2021 Showcase - Nina Simone Tribute



Annual Ladino Day Nani Concert recorded December 6th, 2020 in Amsterdam

Noam-by-Jos-van-den-Broek-5-scaledNoam Vazana brings a breath of fresh air into the jazz and world landscape. Her daring choices, incorporating Vocals, Piano and Trombone simultaneously in her live show are taking her cross over to a deeper level. Her timeless compositions and stage presence make a dramatic, yet playful act. Often compared to the most powerful women that came before her, including Liz WrightNina Simone and Tori Amos, Vazana debuted her latest release Love Migration, charting the top 20 iTunes bestselling albums 2015, won the ACUM album prize ISR and featured on multiple album lists in the same year. Some of her accolades include but not limited to being featured on the most prestigious jazz and world music festivals, such as Jazzahead DE, North Sea Jazz festival NL, TEDx NL, Roccella Jazz IT, Tanjazz MA, Caux Intl. peace conference CH, Music Meeting NL & more.

In 2019 Noam was presented the SENA Music Production Award to make the first album of entirely original Ladino music. Entitled KE HABER, the new record will be out soon.





“Love Migration is an unforgettable journey from beginning to end” - Music Magazine


“Brilliant & outstanding! Noam’s ballads go under your skin” - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung DE