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Noam Vazana

Noam Vazana

Noam Vazana sounds a bit like Tori Amos, if she played trombone and piano simultaneously. Noam grew up playing classical piano and honing her trombone skills, and after several years at the Amsterdam Conservatory found a way to combine her talents and define her own sound. Vazana burst onto the global music scene in 2011 with the release of her first album, Daily Sketch, and has continued to capture audiences internationally with her exceptional voice, songwriting and her unique ability to play piano and trombone simultaneously.

SONY DSCWith the progressive Ladino ensemble, Nani, Noam blends the diverse musical heritage of North Africa and the Middle East with a Jazz sensibility. The dynamic combination of guitar, oud, ewi, electronic effects and Noam’s warm vocals are an exciting contemporary take on the vital tradition of Ladino music.


Noam plays regularly on International stages such as: Intl. Women Festival ISR ’16, Jazzahead DE ’15, Roccella Jonica Jazz Festival IT ’14, Tanjazz MA ’13 TEDx NL ’12, North Sea Jazz NL ’12, Peace congress ISR ’11 and many more.



“Brilliant, fantastic, outstanding… her ballads get under your skin”

-Algemeine Zeitung

“A compelling singer-songwriter with a wonderful, crystal clear voice”

-Platomania, NL

“You’d Fall in love with Noam quickly, just like I did”

-Yoav Kutner, ISR