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Ron Eliran – Israel’s Ambassador of Song

Ron Eliran – Israel’s Ambassador of Song

“Ron Eliran is one of those entertainers who comes into town and proceeds to blow the lights out with his talent”

- The Sun, Vancouver, Canada


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Ron Eliran performing for Israeli troops.

It seems that singer, performer and composer Ron Eliran has been around forever. In moments of joy, in dark times of crisis, from its earliest days, the State of Israel’s Ambassador of Song, Ron Eliran, has always been right there to entertain the troops and celebrate Jewish life with music on stage.

Now, Ron Eliran is on tour celebrating Israel’s seven decades through the history of its music, from the Hebrew and Yiddish songs brought into the country by the “Chalutzim,” the first pioneers, to the folk and pop hits of today.

Ron Eliran leads his audience through a personal journey of experiences of Israeli struggle and perseverance with humor and veneration. Ron Eliran says: “I was there!” Always – Volunteering! While he was there he wrote and recorded memorable hits like “Sharm El Sheikh”, “Lach Yerushalyim”, “Hachziki Lanu Etzba’ot”, “Lo Lo Lo”, and many more.

Ron’s career in the US began in 1958 on the Ed Sullivan Show. Ron’s performance, celebrating Israel’s tenth anniversary, was a hit and led to a long tour taking him across the US, coast to coast.

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Ron Eliran with Bob Dylan

Performing alongside stars like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger and Judy Collins, Ron became a leading voice of the vibrant folk music scene of the 60s. Ron began writing and singing in English, and wrote lyrics and music for the Broadway show “Don’t Step On My Olive Branch” and the off-Broadway “Nightsong” – in both of which he starred.

A tour of Russia for Chabad followed. “I Believe,” from “Don’t Step On My Olive Branch” was a hit with the Orthodox audience, and was adopted by Chabad as their hymn.

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Ron Eliran with Shimon Peres

In Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, and on Israeli TV, Ron Eliran performed his original song mourning the death of prime minister Yitzchak Rabin. Later, with Switzerland’s Basel Symphony Orchestra, Ron wrote and sang “If You Will It,” celebrating the centennial of the first Zionist Congress and the life and vision of Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism.

The intense bond of this exceptional talent with his Jewish audience is amazing. Whether in an intimate room or in a big hall like New York’s Madison Square Garden, Ron Eliran is a distinctive voice, who brings his people’s roots to life with love, nostalgia, humor and showmanship.







“Talented, lively and humorous … his voice is a beautiful one.”

- The New York Times


“Ron Eliran certainly stole the show. He is the kind of artist who can hold an Albert Hall full of people spellbound.”

- London Observer


“Ron Eliran is a showstopper.”

- Chicago Sun Times