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“Witty, original, energetic and extraordinary.”

– Cosmopolitan Magazine



Exhilarating, explosive, exciting and energizing are but a few of the words that begin to describe the feeling you get when you watch this extraordinary ensemble on stage!

TARARAM is a creative ensemble of performing artists who produce extraordinary sounds from ordinary objects. A blend of rhythm, music, movement and wit; interwoven with choreographed body drumming, amusing sounds and theatrical antics. Tararam uses industrial tools, suspended drums, percussion and the most basic instrument of all, their bodies. The group more than lives up to its name, which in Hebrew means hubbub or commotion, as it assaults your senses and awakens your natural impulse to tap your feet, clap your hands and basically beat on anything and everything you find on the way out of the theater.

Since the group’s premiere performance at the 1997 Israel Festival of Stage Arts, Tararam has pursued an international touring schedule; The International Music Fest in Ankara, Turkey, Performing Arts Festival in Costa Rica, Summer Festival in Bogota, Colombia, Sibiu Theater Festival in Romania, Kulturfest NYC, Multi Culture Fest in Washington, DC, Jamm Fest in Denver, Colorado, Techfest in Mumbai, India, the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece in addition to numerous International tours and shows in Canada, Finland, Korea, Germany and USA. Recently, the group participated in high profile “Ted X Tel Aviv” Events.



goldenland tararam pic 1


Tararam in New York

“As the Israeli percussion group Tararam performed at Battery Park, the energy was so high that they seemed to draw the passing ferries, tugboats, sailing boats and even cruise ships a little closer, off course.”
- The Jewish Week





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