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Yael Deckelbaum

Performer Singer Songwriter

Yael Deckelbaum

Yael Deckelbaum - Enosh




Yael Deckelbaum (Singer/Songwriter) was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1979.
At the age of 16 she won first prize in a national contest for the best young singer-songwriter in Israel.

In 1999, After two years of serving in military band Yael had been chosen to perform as a vocal soloist with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra at a tribute concert to the Beatles, directed, and conducted by Sir George Martin [arranger and producer for the Beatles].

There she met Shlomo Artzi – long considered Israel’s leading singer-songwriter – and toured with him for two years, joining him on a hit duet of his famous album, “Ahavtihem”.

Yael is also a founding member of “Habanot Nehama”, a superb female trio together with Karolina Avratz , and Dana Adini. Their album to date has sold over 50,000 copies in Israel alone, and has also been released in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Yael’s first solo album (Ground Zero) had been released in Germany, Austria, France and Benelux. Three of her songs were featured on the international TV series “The L Word” and two were featured in the movie “Antarctica’ , in which Yael was also one of the actors.

Over  the years ,Yael has been performing all over Germany and Europe playing solo and with “Habanot”, in many venues and festivals such as Fusion Festival, Ziget Festival, Rudelshtat Festival & many more .

Yael is known for her versatility and has collaborated with many different national and international artists, such as Peter Kruder(Kruder & Dorfmister), Yossi Fine, Eli Degibry, Dani Sanderson, Rona Kenan, Shabak Samech, Hadag Nachash, Rami Fortis, Tamar Izenman, Geva Alon, Funkenstien & more…

Yael has been chosen to be the opening act for Chris Cornell .

After releasing her second solo album “Joy & Sadness” , Yael has been invited by Mashina (Israel’s most highly considered rockband), to join them for a two year tour, and has performed with them all over Israel & the US.

These days Yael is releasing her third solo album, “Enosh”, produced by Yossi Fine, and funded successfully by a Kickstart project.