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Yinon Muallem – “Meeting of Hearts”

Yinon Muallem – “Meeting of Hearts”

“Yinon Muallem is one of the most impressive musicians I have ever met. His music embodies all that can be good about Israeli-Turkish relations.”

-Benny Ziffer for Haaretz


“Instantly evokes the mysticism of the East with some gorgeous improvisation…”

-Tom Newell for Songlines Magazine


Yinon Muallem was born in Israel in 1968 to parents of Iraqi origin. After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tel Aviv, he found himself drawn to the world of music. Starting with Middle Eastern percussion, he then began learning the oud and composing his own music.

His exposure to the beauty of Ottoman Turkish music moved him to study the Turkish oud with master Yurdal Tokcan, and in 2002 he moved to Istanbul and joined the Istanbul Sazendeleri (Istanbul Instrumentalists) Ensemble. Sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the group is composed of some of the leading virtuosos of Turkish music. Muallem played with Istanbul Sazendeleri throughout Turkey and abroad, including special concerts in Japan and the Czech Republic.

During his ten years in Istanbul, he conducted a host of inter cultural music projects, taking part in concerts with his group in Israel and arranging joint concerts by Israeli and Turkish musicians in Istanbul.

In 2010, he produced a concert project, titled “Meetings and Music in Istanbul”, which brought together musicians from different countries who were living and creating music in Istanbul.

His versatility and curiosity have brought him into collaboration with a variety of musicians including Ross Daly (Greece); Omer Faruk Tekbilek (Turkey-United States); the Tekfen Philarmonic Orchestra, İstanbul Sazendeleri, Akin Eldes, Anjelika Akbar (Turkey); Sirin Pancaroglu (Turkey): Alim Gasimov (Azerbaijan); Ganesh Kumar, Subash Chandran (India) and many more.

Yinon has his own world music program on Acik Radio Istanbul.

Yinon has performed in a variety of festivals and concerts in Japan, Turkey, Estonia, Spain, the USA, Belgium, England, Holland, Greece, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Morocco, Bosnia, Cyprus, Israel and Azerbaijan.

He has written scores for films released in Turkey, Israel, Germany and Italy.

Yinon has released 7 albums of his compostions. On “Meeting of Hearts” Yinon was inspired by the influence of Sufi thought on the outstanding poets of the Spanish tradition, and the deep marks it left on Jewish cultural history. “Meeting of Hearts” takes listeners on a deep, historical and spiritual journey of Sufism from the “Golden Era” in Southern Spain to the land of hte great Sufi poet Yunus Emre, Anatolia. In this journey, forgotten worlds as old as the 8th century are revealed, and the sound of Sufism is reinvented through Yinon Muallem’s compositions with shimmering and mystical melodies. “Meeting of Hearts” displays the profound unities shared by Muslim and Jewish mystics on life and man’s relationship to God, with the aim of bringing the message of peace and tolerance through a strong sensual and spiritual experience.

With Meeting of Hearts, Muallem continues his musical journey to reach a vast place where music can freely exist, crossing geographical, ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries.